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• 3/8/2014

Tutorials pages

BrowserQuest can get complicated at times. So why don't we introduce a tutorial system? How to make Tutorial pages:
What do you think?

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Should we introduce tutorials to the wiki?  Strongly Agree 2 Agree 1 Neutral 3 Disagree 0 Strongly Disagree 1 The poll was created at 19:16 on March 8, 2014, and so far 7 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
You all know how this poll system works.
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• 3/8/2014

Bignav Template

I have recently added a new template, the bignav template! This template allows us to have expandable windows listing all pages in a certain group, like the monsters. This is what the Monsters bignav looks like:

Village Monsters
Rat •
Wilderness Monsters
Bat • Goblin • Ogre •
Seashore Monsters
Crab •
Graveyard Monsters
Skeleton •
Desert Monsters
Snake • Greater Skeleton •
Lava Mountain Monsters
Spectre • Evil Eye • Death Knight • Skeleton King
Enjoy! I'm making one for items now!
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