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• 3/8/2014

Bignav Template

I have recently added a new template, the bignav template! This template allows us to have expandable windows listing all pages in a certain group, like the monsters. This is what the Monsters bignav looks like:

Village Monsters Rat Rat
Wilderness Monsters Bat BatGoblin GoblinOgre Ogre
Seashore Monsters Crab Crab
Graveyard Monsters Skeleton Skeleton
Desert Monsters Snake SnakeGreater Skeleton Greater Skeleton
Lava Mountain Monsters Spectre SpectreEvil Eye Evil EyeDeath Knight Death KnightSkeleton King Skeleton King

Enjoy! I'm making one for items now!

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• 3/8/2014

Template:Bignav/Items is now up! It looks like this:

Weapons 16px Dagger16px Steel Sword16px AxeMorning Star Morning StarMagic Sword Magic Sword16px Burning SwordGold Sword Gold Sword
Armor Leather Armor Leather ArmorMail Armor Mail ArmorPlate Armor Plate ArmorRuby Armor Ruby ArmorGold Armor Gold Armor16px Death Knight Armor
Consumables Health Potion Health Potion16px Firefox PotionRat Burger Rat Burger16px Cake
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