Achievements are awards received for completing various quests and tasks in the game BrowserQuest. Currently, there are twenty achievements. However, the last three shown with "???" in the list are secret achievements. They don't seem to have any in-game purpose.

Earning AchievementsEdit

After the task has been successfully completed, a box will pop up at the bottom of the screen, stating the specific achievement earned. A complete list can be accessed by clicking the trophy icon on the right-hand side of the control panel.


Current AchievementsEdit

Shown below are the achievements and tasks necessary.

A True Warrior A True Warrior Find a new weapon
Into The Wild Into the Wild Venture outside the village
Angry Rats Angry Rats Kill 10 rats
Small Talk Small Talk Talk to a non-player character
Fat Loot Fat Loot Get a new armor set
Underground Underground Explore at least one cave
At World's End At World's End Reach the south shore
Coward Coward Successfully escape an enemy
Tomb Raider Tomb Raider Find the graveyard
Skull Collector Skull Collector Kill 10 skeletons
Ninja Loot Ninja Loot Get hold of an item you didn't fight for
No Man's Land No Man's Land Travel through the desert
Hunter Hunter Kill 50 enemies
Still Alive Still Alive Revive your character 5 times
Meatshield Meatshield Take 5,000 points of damage
Hot Spot Hot Spot Enter the volcanic mountains
Hero Hero Defeat the final boss
Secret Achievements
For Science For Science Eat a cake. (For science!)
Foxy Foxy Find the Firefox costume
Rickroll'd Rickroll'd Take some singing lessons