Character Glitches Edit

The character can glitch easily. Here is all I (cars456) know:

  1. If you stay in a monster spawn block that has no monster, the monster can spawn inside of you without attacking you!
  2. If you collect a chest then stand in the chest spawn block, the chest will be inside of you!

3. If another player kills a monster inside of you, the item dropped is not collected by you…

4. When your health is full, if you drink a health potion or eat a "Rat Burger", it will still say "You drink a health potion" or "You can haz rat burger" on the actions list!

5. If you have the "Firefox" (Also can be called "Foxy", "Mozilla", or "Mozilla Firefox" power-up activated, then you drink a fire potion, it will still say "You fell the power of Firefox!".

6. This one is actually a mix of 4. and 5. If you have the "Firefox" power-up activated, then you drink a health potion or eat a "Rat Burger", it still says "You drink a health potion" or "You can haz rat burger".

Monster Glitches Edit

Monsters were most likely way harder to program, due to their smart AI (except rats, they're really stupid), so they may have more glitches than the character. Here's what I know:

  1. If the character walks up to any (Except a rat) monster while getting in diagonal range first, the monster will walk to where you wanted to walk (Usually) then go back to the correct spot. This is because monsters are activated by being within 1 block, even diagonally, from the character.
  2. Sometimes when the monster is attacking, it can't do any damage. This is unknown why.
  3. The rat is not supposed to follow the player. However there is a glitch where they may follow the player. This is due to 2 things in the code happening at once, the following and staying, and the code tries to make the rat stay, and occasionally, the rat follows the player. It is a rare glitch.
  4. Sometimes any monster (Most of the time a rat) will randomly die.

5. The ogre drops a ball-thingy weapon, and when have an axe and you collect it somewhere like a chest, it switches to the ball. If you get it from an ogre with an axe, however, you can't get it…

Attacking glitches Edit

There is only one I know , but here it is:

  1. Sometimes the character can't attack a monster.